Ministry of Education. Please note our transfer itineraries by clicking on the desired status, followed by the property. From there, you can click on the program-specific folder to access the transfer paths of the desired program. If you`ve taken courses or graduated from another college or university, you`re probably wondering what will transfer to a WGU program. Talk to a registration advisor for more information about what can be transferred. You must submit official copies of your transcripts for formal evaluation. I completed Computer Science 204: Database Programming by in order to get credit for “C754 Structured Query Language,” but the transcription evaluation at WGU mapped it to “Data Management – Foundations,” which should be mapped according to credit mapping page of “Computer Science 107: Database Fundamentals.” So don`t skip this one, a lot of people have problems with the actual Oracle SQL exam, the is a very good option and I encourage you a lot to take it I but as I try to start my term in December, I don`t have much time to come and go, has someone here transferred “Computer Science 204: Database Programming” to “C754 Structured Query Language”? The WGU corrected the error in my review! Transfer CS204 to C993, transfer CS107 to C175. Here`s what happened, I opened a call request to the WGU and at the same time opened a request for assistance with about it. .