If you want to give control of the discussion to another person, you can say this: To accept a formal agreement or to agree on a discussion about something like an event or a theory, what do you do if you are in charge of a meeting and people argue? Use one of these phrases to resolve disagreements and continue the meeting: educationAmerican a discussion on a particular topic that prepares you for a trial debate between the important people of the opposing parties to help them agree on a topic, to do something like a deal or agreement that gives both parties an advantage or an advantage from a discussion or review, to understand why an event occurred, in particular an event that produced poor results to ensure a win/deal/agreement,agreement, etc., or to accomplish a moment, place or situation where people discuss something to try to reach an agreement, usually between enemies, in general, to discuss an agreement a thorough review or discussion of a topic , idea, etc. Finally, it is customary for discussions to come out of the subject – but you can put the discussion back on the main point using one of these phrases: some meetings use a formal voting system in which a decision is made when they are in the majority (over 50%) 2000. votes. Other meetings use a less formal decision-making system, which aims to bring consensus to the group (a general agreement). When you control the meeting, you need these phrases to carry the discussion to the next item on the agenda: finally, it is good to indicate the specific topic or objective of the meeting to focus the discussion: a way to develop new ideas, through a discussion in which several people make many proposals and select the best, a discussion in which individuals or groups express differing opinions on a topic, discussion or discussion between people with views, opinions, etc., or to put an end to a confrontation with someone, a process in which two people or groups have discussions to solve problems , discussions and discussions about what can happen informally a meeting or discussion to make a decision that discusses a lot of a particular thing or thing, an informal private discussion to get some agreement between individuals or groups before making a decision, a formal discussion that ends with a decision that ends with voting especially journalism difficult and sometimes dishonest discussions between people trying to conclude a formal discussion agreement in which people or groups try to reach an agreement, especially in a business or political situation, if you participate in a meeting, you participate “at” the meeting (formally) or “you go” to the meeting.