THE REPRESENTATIVE`S RESPONSIBILITIES. Against the profit-sharing granted in this context, the representative performed the following tasks: … the parties have entered into other subsequent agreements. As a result, they entered into a joint enterprise agreement of 01.06.2008, a turnover participation agreement of 01.03.2010…, a loan agreement of 03.05.2010 and a revenue-sharing agreement (preferred status) of 29.06.2010.2010. The above agreements are the revenue-sharing agreement, which dates back 29.06…in Kraft.” 2.6. Under the aforementioned arbitration agreement, the petitioner is called “ORSP” (Other Revenue Sharing Party) and the respondent as “FRSP… The Company and the Representative intend to enter into an agreement whereby [PARTNER 1] and [PARTNER 2] will share the profits from the sale of the product on the basis of the representative`s efforts, as required. … OEM sold in global markets that are nothing but fees for technical services 2.4 The CIT (A) has allowed new evidence in the form of a revenue-sharing agreement that is not… Right away. In the appeal procedure, the notator, in filing a copy of the agreement with CSL, argued before the L. CIT (A) that the amount was not a payment made abroad, but only a distribution of revenue with two… Ld.

CIT (A) has noted and maintained as: It appears from the above that the applicant has entered into a turnover participation agreement and that a portion of the revenue … Agreement on revenue sharing. The Section 80IB (10) application was rejected only on the basis that the expert had not built dwellings below the required area. On the other hand, in the order of evaluation that amounts to… the gross proceeds from the sale of the dwellings are not an incentive agreement, but a turnover participation agreement; (ii) the evaluator has material material on the basis of which the … Law, 1930 can be invoked. We do not understand that, in a case of this type, the petitioner himself is interested in the … stating that, since the parties have reached a revenue-sharing agreement, the petitioner has acquired an interest in the property.

The qualified board also states that… and an additional 38 lakhs, which was later claimed;ii) voted in favour of the respondent`s proposal for revenue misappropriation in a meeting… In the case of PDO, the question of whether the evaluator`s share in the PDO, which represented 35% of the gross proceeds of the sale, was an incentive agreement or a mere turnover … the gross proceeds from the sale of the dwellings are not an incentive agreement, but a turnover participation agreement; (ii) The evaluator has material material on the basis of which the… The agreement is therefore based on revenue sharing and not on income distribution. However, the accounts did not weigh on the proceeds of the sale of M/s. Standard Properties Pvt. Ltd. It was… Petitioner in project documents (including transfer license, TSA and revenue-sharing agreement) and operating and maintenance agreements; (ii) All rights, title… (including transfer license, ASD and revenue sharing agreements) and operating and maintenance agreements; and (iv) The proceeds of insurance;c) First order bet…… Facts and right following the decision for the 2009-10 evaluation years, 2010-11 and 2011-12 and the finding that the payment of revenue after the contract of participation in turnover with Mr.

… 5. As part of the evaluation procedure, AO found that the notator held the interest of 1,29996970 in the turnover of 1,29996970 on its holding company EMMAR MG land Limited [Holding co] in accordance with a … Agreement of April 7, 2008 concluded by the assessor with her holding company, which has been described as a participation agreement in turnover under which the holding company of the valuation company terminated the aid…