The government`s advice for PBSA providers is clear – they should pursue a non-deportation policy if students do not have alternative residence. But this is just advice – and we don`t know how this is communicated to PBSA suppliers, or how it is monitored or enforced. The orientation of students in the private sector is of particular concern – it is said that the room manager should “work through local partnerships” if they cannot afford to live – and if the university or university has an appointment agreement with the private hall provider, this relationship should be “used to avoid evictions”. The students are at the mercy of the owners. My Som has been rejected an agreement that requires 1 month of rental pn signature and 12 months of full payment in June for the execution of the contract in July 2020. Students are not even sure to return to esp international students who have returned home, and here we are with an agreement that has not had recourse or refund. Take students for a trip to us, what it is. The government must step in! With almost all personal classes interrupted and most physical schools closed, many students are eager to return to their parents. Perhaps it is simply because the academic year is almost over, they want to be with their loved ones, they have health conditions that mean they can feel safer in their family home, or because international students bypass travel restrictions. In many cases, the university orders students to leave campus or their accommodation. My daughter is in exactly the same situation, in Lincoln, renting a room where she can neither travel nor use it. It is also unlikely that she will start her new home for the next academic year, at the start of her new agreement, which means she will pay more than $2,000 in rent – free of charge. This is a shocking situation that penalizes those who can least afford it, while donors get richer.

Most private student housing is far from grotty, with most universities focusing only on accredited housing. All 5-bed accommodation is permitted and must comply with state standards. Most homeowners spend thousands each summer to get these real estate, and students have the choice between cheap and less modern real estate or more expensive first-class real estate. Students need to think of an image greater than the “big renters.” The student rental company employs tens of thousands of people directly and indirectly.