President Donald Trump signed a law on December 30 ordering federal authorities to modernize data on financial aid notification. In a press release, when the law was passed, lawmakers increased transparency, reduced compliance costs and improved oversight will facilitate great law. At the Data Foundation`s Data Transparency 2017 on September 26, 2017, Congressman Virginia Foxx (NC-5-R) announced that she would pass legislation to establish a government open data structure for all federal grant reports. Check out their full remarks above. Supporters argue that the bill would increase and improve transparency … Recipients of federal grants include school districts, firefighters, police stations, hospitals, food banks, homeless shelters, training centres, water treatment facilities, and many other public and public services. If the application of data standards is fully implemented in the GREAT Act, it will help to provide decision makers with important information on the performance of fellows and ensure that recipients can spend less time communicating information and spend more time providing services that benefit society. “These federal dollars affect almost every aspect of U.S. society and underscore the need to streamline the financial aid information process and make it as transparent as possible to the public. By using technology, the GREAT Act will make the financial aid disclosure process fairer, more efficient and more accessible,” Gomez said in a December 17 statement, when the law passed Congress. In accordance with the 2019 Act, the Office of Management and Budget will work with the department that provides the most federal grants each year to set government standards for information provided by recipients and to establish guidelines for other agencies on the application of these standards. Andrew Eversden is a federal head of computer science and cybersecurity for the Federal Times and The Fifth Domain.

Previously, he worked as a journalist for the Texas Tribune and the Durango Herald. Andrew is a graduate of American University. The Coalition to Reduce Spending supports the adoption of the Grant Efficiency and Agreements Transparency Act (GREAT), which would require the federal government to adopt a non-proprietary identification code for all recipients of federal grants and other awards.