This purpose of this type of transaction is sometimes called a “credit offer” and, after the provision of goods or services, the party who received the receipt owes a commercial debt to the other party. This debt is repayable in accordance with the terms of payment of the contract. (a) the buyer does not comply with a clause in this agreement or any other agreement between the retailer and the buyer; or (f) the purchaser must, at the retailer`s request, provide, without delay, to any person deemed relevant by the retailer to its security situation, agreements and waiver declarations (including those mentioned above), as the retailer may request at any time; If, at the time of termination of the contract, a credit is due to the buyer by overpaying an amount due under the contract, the retailer may deduct a processing fee before repaying that credit to the buyer. A contract to purchase credit is a contract for the sale of property under which the buyer pays in increments and becomes the owner of the goods, either at the conclusion of the contract or at the conclusion of a contract, according to the terms of the individual contract. (f) that the purchaser authorizes the retailer to collect, store, store, retain, monitor and use all information received under this agreement, including for management, credit assessment and marketing purposes, as well as for the retailer`s obligations as a “reporting unit” in accordance with the AML/CFT Act and AML/CFT regulations; (e) if, for whatever reason, the purchaser does not provide all the necessary information or does not sign the agreement correctly or if the contract is not legally used by a buyer`s administrator, the surety undertakes, as a buyer, to enter into a new contract with the distributor for the sale and purchase of the security under the same terms as the agreement, but only for the remainder of the contract; and (c) the purchaser finds that all actual beneficiaries and agents enter into separate agreements with the retailer under which they enter into agreements with the retailer under the same terms as the buyer`s agreements covered in point 22 above; and (b) The retailer may determine, at the absolute discretion of the retailer, any amount paid or credited by the purchaser or guarantor in the Or against another obligation of the purchaser or surety as part of an agreement.