3.1 The duration of this contract begins from the date of activation of the batelco service and continues unless the customer or Batelco has terminated something else under clauses 4.5 or 10. 3.9 Nothing should be interpreted or interpreted in such a way that Batelco or your obligations under another agreement regarding the supply of Batelco`s products or services varie or otherwise affect. 14.5 You agree to remain responsible for all costs incurred by a third party who accesses your account to use the Services, except as soon as you inform Batelco that a third party is using the Services via your account without your permission and Batelco suspends the Services. Notification to Batelco can be obtained either by phone at 196 or by email helpdesk@batelco.com.bh. Enjoy the new Samsung without a device in advance if you sign a 24-month contract. 16. Definitions used in these Terms and Conditions16.1 Some terms and formulations of this agreement have a special meaning, as described below: “notice period” refers to a 30-day notice period; Access line,” a telephone line that you use to receive telecommunications services on the premises via the Batelco network; Agreement” the present terms and conditions of sale as well as the application form and all other terms and conditions that may be applicable to the provision of other services by Batelco, “application form” refers to the application form submitted to these terms and conditions of sale and which you have entered into with Batelco for the provision of the requested services; “Batelco Confidential Information” all information (written or oral) regarding Batelco`s activities, trade secrets, customers, suppliers and a!airs that you receive or receive as a result of the service delivery; Batelco Equipment” all Batelco devices provided to you in conjunction with the provision of one of the services, including, but not limited to, the Batelco modem; Batelco inet Network” refers to the Batelco Internet network; “Bill” refers to an invoice sent to you by Batelco in accordance with paragraph 14; “fees,” the fees you have to pay in return for using the services under Term 14, which include, if applicable, user fees and subscription fees; “customer” (the person who enters into the contract with Batelco for the provision of services); “Customer equipment,” any equipment you own or is used by you, including, but not exclusively, on your PC, modem or other related equipment that you use to access services; Fair Usage Policy” refers to a network management policy (as outlined in batelco.com/terms-and-conditions) that ensures that Batelco provides its customers with the best possible service at all times. “inet e-mail account” an email account provided by Batelco for the use of the services; Intellectual property rights are copyrights (including rights to computer software), patents, trademarks, service marks, company names (including internet domain names), creative rights, database rights, semiconductor topography rights, rights to undisclosed or confidential information (such as know-how, trade secrets and inventions (patentable or not)) and any other intellectual property or other rights (whether registered or not, including applications or registration rights) that may exist in the universe in the future; »; RNIS,” an integrated digital network line; “Password” refers to the password [4-8] that was assigned to you at the beginning of services requiring a password; “Preconditions”: where you receive services; “Registration and installation tax” refers to the tax you pay in accordance with point 14.3 above.” “specification” for customer equipment, in accordance with internationally recognized standards; `services`: any or all of the services you have selected on the application form; “Subscription fee” is the monthly fee to be paid for the use of the Services, if applicable for the services you have requested.