“2020 Notes Documents” means the 2020 Notes, 2020 Notes Indenture and all other instruments, conventions and other documents that attest to or regulate the 2020 Notes or provide for a guarantee or other right in the matter. The administrative officer shall have the right to identify the register accordingly in order to reflect the modifications and adaptations set out therein. The interest rate on the A Term Loans incremental tranche is the same as the interest rate on the A Term Loans tranche under the amended credit agreement and the A Term Loans incremental tranche is amortized as set out in section 2.12(a) of the amended credit agreement. in the credit quality of the acquired business (provided that the underlying causes of such a decline can be taken into account in determining whether a significant adverse effect of Warnaco has occurred or can reasonably be expected, unless another exception does not otherwise exclude it), (j) the occurrence of natural disasters or (k) which, according to the terms of the acquisition contract or with notice, are provided; The consent or instructions of the other party shall not be taken into account in determining whether a significant adverse effect of Warnaco has occurred or whether it is reasonably expected or (ii) would prevent the acquired enterprise from carrying out the transactions provided for in the takeover agreement. `monetary agreement` means any foreign exchange contract, currency swap, futures contract, option contract, synthetic hedging or any other similar agreement or arrangement intended to hedge the group`s foreign exchange risk and not for speculative purposes; NOW, taking into account the premises and agreements, provisions and agreements contained therein, as well as other considerations of quality and value whose maintenance and suitability are confirmed, the parties hereby agree: (i) Where the U.S. borrower or a limited subsidiary wishes to issue credit, the U.S. borrower (x) shall (x) the standby accrency management agent and the relevant issuing bank, no later than 12 noon, a communication of expenses (or any other communication that may be agreed by the issuing bank.m). (New York time) at least three business days prior to the proposed release date or a shorter period that may be agreed by the issuing bank in a given case and (y) in the case of commercial accreditation of the correspondent issuing bank on the proposed date of issue. This Communication indicates whether such a credit is requested under the United States` revolving commitments or Canada`s renewable commitments. In the event of compliance or waiver of the conditions set out in section 3.02, the issuing bank shall only issue the requested accreditation in accordance with the standard working instructions of the issuing bank. In the event of the issuance of a U.S. credit or a modification or modification of a U.S. creditor, the issuing bank shall immediately notify the administrative agent and the administrative agent shall immediately notify any lender of a bond, modification or modification or an expense or such modification in the United States, as well as the amount of such lender`s participation in such credit in the United States in accordance with section 2.04(e).