Alternative III (Apr1984). If the Agency believes that a faster liquidation is appropriate, add the following sentence as the first sentence of paragraph e) of the basic clause with the corresponding percentage indicated: Alternate V (May 2001). If the requirement for a special account is removed in accordance with point 32.409-3 (e) or (g), add the following clause instead of the basic clause. (ii) appropriate insurance for all materials, parts, subsets, subsets, supplies, equipment and other goods that must be acquired or injected under this contract and which are subject to the pledge right of the State covered in paragraph (i) of this clause; and (E) Avoid paying taxes or the costs of executing this contract as part of the ordinary activity. 2. Until the completion of the work under this contract and until all instalments paid under the contract have been liquidated, the contractor must declare or pay dividends, with the exception of dividends payable on the shares of the company, or make another distribution on the basis of shares of its share capital. , or to acquire, repurchase or acquire one of its shares in value. , unless necessary due to abacization funds or withdrawal agreements notified to the administration when setting these advance provisions; 4. No provision in this clause is contrary to the authority under which the contractor operates or to the provision of a withdrawal or agreement of the holder. (ii) Proceeds from the sale or withholding credits are used to reduce outstanding advances. (8) These submissions are continued and are considered repeated by the presentation of each invoice of advances. n) Other security.

The terms of this contract are considered an appropriate guarantee for the government for advances; However, if the administrative authority considers that the security is insufficient, the incumbent provides the administration with additional guarantees that are satisfactory to the administration, provided the guarantee is available. (g) agreement on financial institutions. Before making a down payment under this contract, the contractor sends to the management authority, in the form prescribed by the administration, an agreement of the financial institution in which the special account is opened and clearly indicates the specific nature of the account and the responsibilities of the financial institution under the account. The contractor chooses a financial institution that is a member of the Federal Reserve system, an “insured” bank under the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Act (12 U.S.C.1811) or a credit union insured by the National Credit Union Administration. If this alternative is used in combination with Alternate II, ignore the instructions for paragraph (c), the use of means, in Alternate II; Replacement paragraph e), the maximum payment in Deputy II for paragraph d below; and replace paragraph f), interest, in Alternate II for paragraph e) below, and change the reference to paragraph f) from Alternate II to e) (3). Alternative IV (Apr1984). When the Agency makes advances under the contract of no interest to the principal contractor, add the following sentences as the first sentences of paragraph f of the clause: (3) The government may take one of the measures described in paragraphs (k) 1) and 2 of that clause, which it deems appropriate to its sole discretion and without limitation of other government rights. h) Link to special bank account. The government has a right to pledge to any balance in the special account, which is of the utmost importance for all other pledges. The State`s pledge entitlment guarantees the reimbursement of all instalments paid under this contract as well as all related interest charges. 1. All advances in this contract as well as interest charges are guaranteed by a right of bet in favour of the government, of the utmost importance and of any other situation, for all other rights of pawn, for deliveries or any other object covered by this contract, acquired or assigned to the performance of this contract, unless the government has , under other terms of this contract or in some other way, a valid ownership of the supplies.

, material or other purpose to other creditors of the cont